website under construction


We finally have control over our website. In coming weeks, I’ll be working to update the STORE. We have some items that have only been available at live shows that I’ll be adding.

If you haven’t noticed – I’m not any kind of web designer, but I’ll do my best to keep you informed.

We’re also looking into an alternative to PayPal – since they’ve been getting a lot of complaints about withholding people’s money arbitrarily. I’d appreciate any suggestions – write to me at UNDEAD(at)JUNO.COM

Also, please consider helping with our GoFundMe We’ve got legal expenses nearing $500,000.00! I wish I could tell you more, but there’s a GAG ORDER.

In the meantime – enjoy our music on Spotify, Youtube and other streaming services.

We recently added 12 HITS UN-Covered to these services, and have almost sold out the LTD ED Vinyl

Act Your Rage !

We’re down to the final song for the upcoming ACT YOUR RAGE Special Edition. We’ve got guest appearances from members of a lot of classic bands… including Buzzcocks, Black Flag, Guns’nRoses, Megadeth, Circle Jerks, Bad Religion, Blitzkid, Cancerslug, NY Dolls, L.A. Guns. We’ve even got Tim Capello who’s played sax in The Lost Boys, Ringo Starr’s All-Star Band, and Tina Turner. We’re honored and excited to see so many incredible names who’ve come out to contribute to this project.

The Undead on Spotify